#Mailed: Adi Medici – Out There


“Out There” is the intro track to Adi Medici’s latest EP “Pop Art”. Adi Medici goes the experimental R&B route ala “808’s and Heartbreak” with a mix of uptempo bangers to showcase his versatility. This intro tracks showcases this young artist’s singing and rapping talents over a monstrous production.

Out There starts with a dark smooth vibe that is immediately followed by a voice that is just as angelic as is devilish. The lyrics are just as trippy as the vocal melodies that Adi seamlessly jumps between. The track then erupts with a monstrous verse accompanied by bone crushing production.
This song is a small glimpse into what is to expect of this EP and future releases.
Adi Medici is an R&B musical powerhouse born in Jamaica and raised in Miami Florida. He embodies the melting pot which is Miami, blending Smooth and sexy R&B with gritty in your face Hip-Hop. The Soul Singer and Rapper is a glimpse of what the future of music holds. Being able to seamlessly transition from bars of aggression on par with legends like 2Pac and DMX, to being able to float into angelic singing tones like RnB legends Michael Jackson and Sade. Adi Medici is a name to remember.

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