#Mailed: Savanna – Gods We Are

The second single taken out of Savanna's debut album 'Dreams to be Awake'. The curtain that hides the band's first long play effort will be unveiled in January but, in the meantime, you can have another glimpse into its mysterious world.

"Gods We Are" is one of the album's most energetic pieces, armed with a heavy chorus that will stuck heavily in your mind; it dives into the theme of human ambition, it breaths contrasting dynamics and gives us privy to a fusion of psychedelic rock and electronica. If "G.W.A." can be boiled down to one thing it's: monster riffage! The kind that can only be found between 6 strings and massive wattage.

As a bonus you have "The Vigilante". This B-Side is exclusively available on the "Gods we Are" EP. Its a guitar noise drenched gift Savanna offers you for your own pleasure. It explores their more aggressive side, it is a relentless pursuit of guitar tones that sound like anything but guitars.

In short, this is the last draw before the arrival of the forthcoming and debut album. Two fresh and electrifying songs which's colours recall the mythic "Masters of Reality".

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